Eye Iceland

Your Tour Guide and host

I am a certified Tour Guide, graduated from The Icelandic School of Travel and Tourism  and I am a fully licensed Tour Operator by The Icelandic Tourist Board. My name is Erla Ruth Harðardóttir. 


I am also an actress, graduated from England and an open, caring, organized person who loves to communicate with people and make them feel happy.


I love my country and am eager for you to witness the astonishing landscape on this beautiful island of fire and ice. Eye Iceland with me and see it for yourself.


Before my studies at The Icelandic School of Travel and Tourism, I had travelled all around my country. But for the first time I travelled with a licenced tour guide, Eye Iceland´s best friend Thorleifur Magnus Magnusson at TrekkTor, I realized how much I had been missing because he opened up my eyes for so many new things. Things related with history, geography, geology and culture. I eyed my island in a different way. That´s why I desided to become a Tour Guide, to be able to do the same for you dear guest.


I offer all kinds of tours in beautiful Iceland. Day tours, multiple day tours and tours customized to your own ideas and longings. I am your host, eager to let you feel welcome and happy all the days you spend in my country.


I drive a Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV, a well equipped and eco-friendly vehicle.


I can of course, if needed, organize tours for bigger groups which includes renting a bigger vehicle/bus, having a licence to drive up to 70 people.


Feel free to contact me with your ideas and thoughts of what you would like to do, your interests and suggestions and I will customize your trip for you and/or for your group.


Iceland is an amazing country with breathtaking scenery and untouched nature and it would be an honor to guide you through it.  I believe that I have a talent for creating memorable travel experiences for my guests so go ahead, Eye Iceland with me, see it for yourself


* First aid course.


* Professional driver's license. Licensed to drive vans, mini buses and big buses.


*Fully certified as a Tour Guide from The Icelandic School of Travel and Tourism ( http://menntun.is/ )


*Fully licensed and certified as a Tour Operator by The Icelandic Tourist Board, licence number 2018-057 




Licence number 2018-057

Authorized Day Tour Provider - https://www.ferdamalastofa.is/en/licences-legislation/day-tour-provider/list-of-day-tour-providers


Eye Iceland´s Facebook Profile and of course we are also on Instagram. You´ll find us under eye_iceland 😀